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Brandon Medical Present the new MEIGaN Website.



Brandon Medical have launched their Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes (MEIGaN) website.

In medical locations it is necessary to ensure the safety of patients likely to be subjected to the application of medical electrical equipment. Safety can be achieved by ensuring the quality of the installation and correct operation and maintenance of equipment. The use of medical technology in ICU's has called for enhanced reliability and safety of installations in order to improve the safety and continuity of supplies.
Medical Electrical Installation Guidance and Notes (MEIGaN) has been written and provided by the UK MHRA in order to provide clear and practical advice to help designers and installers of medical electrical equipment achieve this goal.

MEIGaN covers the electrical wiring and installation up to the terminals of permanently installed medical devices and to the supply outlets for other medical devices, and is intended to improve the reliability, resilience and electrical safety of the power supplies used in medical locations.
Brandon Medical has the specialist knowledge and skills to design and install medical electrical devices and systems in full compliance with Medical Electrical Installation and Guidance Notes requirements. Brandon has designed and developed a range of MEIGaN compliant components, including our elegant Medipower Earth Reference Bar. Other products in our MEIGaN range include isolated power supply (IPS) solutions, blue clean earth sockets, equipotential earth bonding leads and isolated mounting systems for our Atlas Pendants and medical lighting ranges.

For more information on any of Branon's MEIGaN compliant products please visit:

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