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Thought Leadership at Brandon Medical


Adrian Hall, Managing Director of Brandon Medical, has been selected by HSBC as a "Thought Leader" to address an invited audience of 300 businesses for the HSBC Business Thinking Initiative .



HSBC and the Daily Telegraph joined forces to create a multi-million pound enterprise to aid UK businesses in foreign markets. Funding is available to help businesses seize advantage of new opportunities, secure funding and gain access to some of the world leaders in business mentoring. Brandon Medical were one of 53 companies from across the UK competing to win a share of the £90m prize.

Brandon Medical have already participated in HSBC's Business Thinking trip to Mexico. The networking trip provided real insight into business in different cultures. As Mr Hall comments: "Throughout the exchange, we were constantly surrounded by remarkable people from fantastic businesses. They have their own original takes on their business activities and it reminds you to take a step back from your business and look at the bigger picture."

The HSBC initiative fundamentally aims to aid businesses in foreign markets. International trade is a real challenge for small and medium sized businesses. According to Mr Hall, the key theme and success factor with international trade is the relationships between manufacturer and distributor. "Brandon Medical is an SME that trades in over 40 countries. We are able to do this through building strong relationships with our distributors. The key to this is to leverage their local experience and merge it with our expertise of the products to form a symbiotic relationship and have each other as support."

A further key factor is to look at every link in the supply chain. "It is too easy as a manufacturer to focus solely on your part of forming the product. To be successful, you have to look right the way down the chain. We have to be more connected from the UK, through the distributors and right the way down to the end user."

The thought exchange by HSBC has sparked serious discussion by the 53 UK businesses involved and has provoked a step back from routine business processes, forcing them to consider the importance of relationship building. Brandon Medical's focus on relationship building is a main factor contributing to their success in foreign markets and every effort will be made to maintain this ethos.

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