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Minor Surgery Light Generates Major Interest


Brandon Medical’s brand new HD-LED operating theatre light for minor surgery has caused quite a stir in the medical lighting market. Astramax, the new operating theatre light produced enormous interest amongst medical professionals during its launch.

Astramax HD-LED incorporates Brandon Medical's HD-LED technology which was recently awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category 2011. Astramax HD-LED presents the opportunity to use cutting edge technology that Brandon already have and wrap it up in a product that is able to compete on price and performance in a very competitive market. The aim of the development of Astramax was to bridge the gap between the biggest operating theatre lights and smaller minor operating lights. 


Peter North, Design Engineer and creator of Astramax, comments: "The creation of Astramax was to develop a surgical light that could be used successfully in primary care and secondary care environments. It projects a light intensity of 130,000 Lux enabling it to compete on power with some of the largest operating lights, however, it is small, elegant and light-weight making it perfectly suited to minor procedures also."

As well as being aesthetically attractive and thin in profile, the Astramax HD-LED also carries the advantages of HD-LED technology which include full spectrum colour rendition – the natural white light picks out all the visible colours for your eyes so you can clearly see without eye strain. Red balance control compensates for our natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red and is user adjustable to match individual's red vision and the surgical conditions.

Brandon Medical have received truly positive responses from both users and experts in the field of medical lighting and with orders exceeding manufacturing production, Astramax is set to be a revolutionary success.

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