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Brandon Medical's Symposia CoPAX System

Brandon Medical’s Symposia CoPAX system is an integrated control and display system that combines the display and distribution of high definition (HD) laproscope images, audio visual control and display functions, operating theatre records and PACS review. All of this is combined into a single integrated wall unit that is clean and hygienic. The 42” touchscreen features multiple or single source display, applications such as an integrated World Health Organisation checklist with time and date stamp, automatic emailing and recording of documents such as operating information to basic administrative tasks.

Brandon Medical's Symposia CoPAX has been designed around an intuitive and easy to use touchscreen panel that can be adjusted to suit user requirements. Larger amounts of information can be inputted using a pull out, medically approved keyboard system that is integrated into the panel. Additional control systems can also be added to the CoPAX system. These can range from adjusting of the lighting in the theatre to manoeuvring of the operating theatre table. This is clearly advantageous as it frees space in the surgical area by centralising theatre controls.

Bespoke applications can be created for billing, information database recording, stock counts and much more. The use of industry standard equipment from reputed manufacturers ensures that the Symposia CoPAX will remain up to date. In addition, the input and output formats mean that future requirements can be integrated without expensive up-grades.

 The CoPAX system is also available as a basic PACS review system with a clear upgrade path to add in AV and other requirements later on. This allows the infrastructure to be put in place to move from traditional to digital theatres over a period of time without disturbing the existing building fabric.

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