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Brandon Medical Win €1 Million

Brandon Medical has won €1 million of research funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. Brandon Medical will use the funding to lead a collaborative research consortium to develop future solid state lighting technologies for healthcare buildings.

The funding has been awarded for "High Efficiency and Rendered Colour Using LED Solid State Lighting" (HERCULES©) - led by Brandon Medical's Managing Director, Graeme Hall. The Hercules project has been developed by Brandon Medical – pioneers of world class medical lighting technology and commercial partners Diseño y Tecnologia del Molde CUMSA (Spain) and GRD Segnaletica Stradale di PR. Target S.r.l (Italy).

The HERCULES project will produce a step-change solution for LED-based illumination systems. It is based on an original concept that combines the light from different LED sources to produce near perfect colour rendition, variable colour temperatures, with high energy efficiency. A new solution will allow the reduction of the number of LED's for the same light power output, therefore reducing energy consumption and costs. HERCULES will provide the normal benefits of LED lighting including instant start-up and efficient dimming, but will also allow tuneable colour rendering.

To oversee the project, Mr Hall will lead a research consortium including two of the UK's top research institutions and Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who are offering their facilities as host site for testing the LED technologies in a clinical environment. UK based, solid state lighting technology company, Sagentia, will act as lead technical organisation for the project. Working alongside Sagentia are TWI Ltd – a not-for-profit research and technology organisation. Dr Euan Morrison, Head of Advanced Optics and Lighting technology at Sagentia comments:

"Project HERCULES will enable us to further advance our patented HD-LED technology for next generation medical applications.  The technology has already proved to be hugely successful in the field of surgical lighting and together with our partners in the consortium, we are aiming to take LED lighting to the next level."

Europe's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) has awarded Brandon Medical €1 million with the objective to strengthen the 'innovation capacity' of small and medium-sized enterprises and to develop new technology based products. Project HERCULES started in January 2012 and is expected to take two years to complete.

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