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Brandon Medical Optimise RAF Airspace

RAF Lakenheath is a Royal Air Force military airbase originally formed in 1941, they have provided pilot training as a close air support and air interdiction unit and have participated in every major campaign during World War II and the Cold War.

Brandon Medical were invited to the Royal Air Force base to measure the ceiling heights of all four operating theatres. Typically, the stems for an operating theatre light are suitable for a surgeon of 6ft and below in height to allow for sufficient working space. However, with the RAF Lakenheath’s four surgeons towering at 6ft 4” and above, Brandon were given the task of manufacturing something bespoke to make the surgical area as spacious and comfortable as possible.

The RAF site hospital has selected and installed Brandon Medical’s Quasar HD-LED surgical lights and emergency power units to retrofit into existing operating and maternity theatres. Quasar HD-LED was selected because of its high colour rendition and large powerful beams of light.  Brandon’s own service and installation team were selected to complete the installation of the surgical lights. This was achieved without any disruption to the exiting building fabric as all adaptations to the cowls, power supply systems and light structures, were done at the time of manufacture.

The speed and accuracy of manufacturing and installation meant that each theatre had a down time of less than 1 day leaving the surgical rota unaffected during the refurbishment.

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