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Brandon Medical Win Funding for 'The Perfect Surgical Light'

Brandon Medical has won a major award grant from the Technology Strategy Board Smart scheme. The award includes funding that will be used for the development of the ‘Perfect Surgical Light’ creating a step change solution in surgical lighting technology.

The surgical light is still the key item of equipment in a modern operating theatre. If a surgeon cannot see properly, they cannot work safely and effectively. There are key issues that must be addressed in the development of such medical lighting technology. The key parameters are colour rendition (Ra), visible red rendition (R9), light intensity, heat emission, uniformity of illuminated field, beam shape and shadow reduction.

Brandon Medical has already addressed these issues in the development of their breakthrough HD-LED technology. HD-LED technology produces extremely high colour rendition, visible red rendition (R9 = 98) and at extremely high energy efficiency. With the aid of the Technology Strategy Board award, Brandon aim to push the boundaries of HD-LED technology to create the "perfect" surgical light.

Managing Director Graeme Hall comments: "The Smart grant will enable us to further advance our patented HD-LED technology for next generation medical applications. We have an opportunity to create a world beating operating theatre light that will be suitable for UK and export markets at a competitive price. The technology has already proved to be hugely successful and we are aiming to take LED lighting, and our product range to the next level."

Smart is a Technology Strategy Board scheme offering support to small and medium-sized enterprises to engage in R&D projects in science, engineering and technology with the aim of developing new products, processes and services.

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