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Brandon Medical Lights the National Institute of Oncology

Brandon Medical have supplied The National Institute of Oncology in Budapest with their Galaxy Ultra HD-LED® operating theatre lights. The National Institute of Oncology is part of the Hungarian Ministry of Health and its main function is to provide complex oncotherapy specialising in chemotherapy, histopathology and nuclear medicine.

Brandon Medical worked with their local partner, Kojair-Med to supply the Institute with four Galaxy Ultra HD-LED Operating Theatre Lights. Galaxy Ultra HD-LED differs from any ordinary LED light by incorporating HD-LED technology. HD-LED is a brand new technology with a better performance than standard definition LED or conventional surgical lights. It is the only surgical lighting with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. The natural white light present in HD-LED lighting eliminates the traditional blue tint present in ordinary LED lights. This accurate representation of natural light allows visible colours to be vivid and vibrant. As a result, surgeons can easily distinguish the most minuscule differences in colour.

The most revolutionary and distinguishing feature of Galaxy Ultra HD-LED is its red balance control. The human eye has a natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red; to counteract this red LEDs are present in the light, these can be adjusted to improve the differentiation between tissues of similar colour. The feature also enables the user to adjust the level of red visible light in order to match their individual red vision and surgical conditions.

The Galaxy Ultra HD-LED operating theatre lights are also integrated with camera and monitor display systems. The system can connect medical professionals to a range of audio-visual resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.

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