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Brandon Medical Launch New Isolated Power Supplies Planner

Brandon Medical in partnership with Esa Grimma GmbH, specialists of secure and efficient electrical distribution and control, has launched a brand new Isolated Power Supplies (IPS) planning tool. 


The function of an IPS unit, is to supply medical electrical life support equipment in classified Group 2 medical locations. The IPS outgoing electrical circuits are constantly monitored for short circuits or earth leakage faults. Any fault will result in an audio and visual alarm being raised so that remedial action can be taken by maintenance technicians before any unexpected loss of electrical power supply.

Brandon Medical have been working with their customers including consulting engineers, estates managers and mechanical and electrical engineers to devise an IPS planning tool to assist customers choosing the right IPS system for their medical location. The IPS planner can be used for determining the number, size and versions of the IPS system distribution boards for ICU units and Operating Theatres and will automatically generate drawings and specifications for all tenders.  Brandon Medical are able to supply a wide range of bespoke IPS solutions to meet the requirements for all critical care and life support equipment.  

Brandon Medical has the specialist knowledge and skills to design and install medical electrical devices and systems in full compliance with MEIGaN. Brandon has developed a range of MEIGaN compliant products including our new medipower Earth Reference Bars. Other products include isolated power supple (IPS) solutions, isolated mounting systems for our Atlas pendants and blue clean earth sockets.

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