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Brandon Medical’s Coolview HD-LED “are a great improvement” for Newcastle University

The Newcastle University School of Dental Sciences is renowned for providing the best clinical training facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students and has chosen Brandon Medical to provide new HD-LED examination lighting to the Clinical Simulation Unit (CSU).


This presented an unusual challenge for Brandon Medical as it was questioned whether it would be possible to replace or upgrade the existing Halogen lighting system. It was also important to the CSU to have low level and not ceiling mounted lighting to enable the viewing of the wall mounted training screens.  

Brandon Medical’s Coolview HD-LED examination light was chosen and mounted directly onto the work bench. The long reach of Brandon Medical’s ‘LX’ spring balanced arm system allowed the positioning of the lamp head to best suit the procedure. The replacement of the lights has provided a significant improvement in the amount of lighting available in the working area, an increase of 64%. This lighting can be altered from 5% - 100% intensity and also provides excellent colour corrected light which provides accurate representation of the full colour spectrum.

There was also an unforeseeable benefit of upgrading the examination lights to an intensity adjustable LED light source. When the students are working with composite filling material, it’s important that the material remains pliable during the restoration as this enables adjustments to be made before curing with a specially designed UV light source. The intensity of older halogen lights could not be adjusted, heating the material which causes the composite to set prematurely. The new LED light source intensity and colour temperature can now be adjusted giving the students more working time, where the composite remains malleable.

 Diane Anderson – Nurse Coordinator at the School of Dental Sciences commented:

“Newcastle School of Dental Sciences are continually updating and improving our teaching and training facilities. The new LED lights have made a massive difference to the Clinical Simulation Unit.

The students and staff are very satisfied with the lights and they are a great improvement for the CSU. The manoeuvrability of the lights and positioning of the lamp head allows greater visibility when working on the phantom heads so students can actually see what they’re doing. Brandon Medical gave excellent guidance and advice when helping us to choose the lights and this was followed through to after sales and installation.”

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