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The World’s Most Advanced AV Operating Light

With the ever increasing need for medical AV, a Leeds based medical technology firm has designed the World’s most advanced AV enabled operating theatre light. Brandon Medical’s Quasar® eLite is the first OR light to feature an HD-SDI camera with zoom controls fully embedded into the lamp head and provides radically improved media integration over any existing product.

The Quasar® eLite HD-SDI system produces an outstanding picture quality on large monitors and allows for seamless integration with Brandon Medical’s Symposia® telemedicine system. Symposia® allows medical professionals live interaction with surgeons in operating theatres. The technology provides a tool for knowledge sharing including surgical skills best practice, tele-monitoring, medical lectures and communication between multi disciplinary teams.

Conventional operating lights use an oversized central handle to house the camera electronics, resulting in poor ergonomics and usability. In such a design, the light handle will usually be fixed and cannot be removed for sterilisation whilst unsealed joints between the camera and handle body make for difficult cleaning which allows bacteria to grow. By embedding the camera fully into the lamp head, Quasar® eLite eradicates these problems, all joints are sealed against the ingress of bacteria and the small, ergonomic handle is easily removable for sterilisation.

An alternative camera mounting solution is to fix the camera to an external bracket or satellite arm. Such systems can prove extremely costly due to complicated wiring and extra mounting equipment. The camera signal can also suffer as a result of feeding data through rotating joints, whilst arm movement is restricted by the wiring and stops. By offering a camera as standard inside every lamp head, the Quasar® eLite keeps the cost of the camera down and minimal wiring allows for excellent manoeuvrability of the lamp head.

Graeme Hall – Managing Director comments:

“We strive to deliver innovation at Brandon Medical but this project has taken things to a whole new level. We have worked with specialists in the field to produce a product that not only addresses their everyday issues but provides a future proof solution that’ll continue to excel in years to come. This project shows what we can do in Britain; it proves that when we work together, we can achieve outstanding results.”

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