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Brandon Medical Presents: The Quasar® eLite

Brandon Medical’s finest innovation to date, the Quasar® eLite, can now be seen in a high definition promotional video on their website.

Filmed in their state of the art medical technology centre, the video showcases the world’s most advanced AV operating light highlighting its integration of high intensity illumination and video and audio capabilities.

The Quasar® eLite simply has the very best light beam quality of any other product. The light boasts the biggest, fattest beam in the business, ranging from 200mm to 420mm; providing a high light intensity across the whole illuminated field without high contrast lighting and visual distractions. The video demonstrates the virtually shadow free illumination, full spectrum colour rendition and red balance control to enhance the visualisation of red tissues.


The high intensity illumination is combined with the integration of Brandon Medical’s audio-visual Symposia® telemedicine system and embedded HD camera, provides clinicians with a stunningly accurate view of procedures, providing an efficient system for consultation and sharing of footage with colleagues and medical students.


The Quasar® eLite was also designed with the aim of minimising sources of infection; remote controlled, easily cleaned and sealed lamp heads to avoid the ingress of unwanted dirt and liquids.


Watch the video here.

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