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Vanera The New Room & Ward Light from Brandon Medical


Brandon Medical release a new addition to their Medical Room Lighting range. The latest new addition to their Medical Room Lighting range, Vanera represents a new direction in design and construction for UK-based specialists Brandon Medical.

Utilising a new CUBIC design, the Vanera is an attractive yet unobtrusive light suitable for use throughout a hospital. Rather than being a main feature which needs to be "designed into" a room, the Vanera blends quietly in the room giving an architect much greater freedom.

Having been designed specifically for hospital environments, the light output from Vanera is wide enough to effectively light a ward or corridor. This wide-angle beam functions just as well in a low ceiling (<2.30m) situation, making the Vanera ideal for refurbishments.

The unique modular construction process used allows a number of customizations to be easily made. High-end models can include features such as Circadian Daylight Tracking (matching light output & colour to a patients internal body clock), night-lights, RGB LED's which deliver stimulating colour bursts to inactive patients and DALI Digital Lighting Network compatibility.

In contrast, Eco models can also be produced which offer standard lighting features at an extremely competitive price.

The medical-grade quality of Vanera is backed-up by EN60598 certification, the Electrical Safety standard to which all hospital lighting should be tested to.

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