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Brandon Medical Produce Worlds First anti-MRSA Operating Theatre

Brandon Medical have joined forces with speciality chemicals giant Perstorp to produce worlds first anti-microbial operating theatre lights.

PolygieneTM is a powerful anti-microbial compound produced by Perstorp which uses specially treated silver ions to disrupt cell walls - killing them within a matter of hours. It's "Kill Rate" has been independently tested against a wide variety of harmful bacteria with distinguished victims including both SARS and MRSA.Brandon have developed new moulding processes which incorporate PolygieneTM directly into their Galaxy Ultra and Astralite lamp-heads, spreading the additive evenly throughout the entire product. Because the PolygieneTM is moulded into the light in this way it lasts the entire lifetime of the product, with no reduction in "killing rate" (the methods employed by silver prevent cells mutating to become resistant) and no need for re-application or treatment.

This weaponises the lights against diseases such as MRSA and SARS, with harmful bacteria or viruses living on the light surface being completely destroyed within hours. This makes it almost impossible for bacteria to breed and be transmitted through contact with the light head.

Although Polygiene is lethal to harmful bacteria, viruses and yeasts it is completely safe for humans. There are no toxic elements involved, no recorded allergic reactions and production is environmentally friendly.

Brandon Medical are currently the only medical lighting manufacturer who can offer anti-microbial lighting for an operating theatre or treatment room. This latest development to their Galaxy Ultra range has already been described at a recent conference as "a fantastic opportunity for infection control in the OT environment" and could mark the beginning of the end for the harmful bacteria which are living and breeding in our operating theatres.

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