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Thermal Healing For Burn Victims

To improve their facilities by sourcing and installing the highest quality medical equipment, Chelsea and Westminster chose Brandon Medical to supply them with a unique integrated solution.


Mounting a thermal ceiling to the same structure as their Galaxy Ultra Operating Theatre Lights resolved the problem of how to keep a patients' temperature constant during surgery. Chelsea and Westminster, a leading NHS Hospital with modern, purpose built facilities, is part of the Imperial College School of Medicine, providing high quality services as well as specialist resources for areas including burns and plastics. Aragona Thermal Ceilings work by maintaining the patients "normal" body temperature thus freeing up valuable energy and resources inside the body to focus on healing and recovery. These ceilings can greatly increase patient comfort and reduce recovery times without hampering accessibility or supervision. This is particularly useful for patients suffering from burn injuries where the body can find it extremely difficult to regulate temperature. Other areas in which thermal ceilings can reduce recovery time include post-operative care, trauma and shock - all times where the body finds it very difficult to control its temperature and uses unnecessary amounts of energy. Chelsea and Westminster chose this equipment for their burns and plastics units, one of their specialist service areas, due to its high performance level as a proven treatment. The Galaxy Ultra Operating Theatre Light provides a large diameter of illumination, ultra-high light intensity and accurate true-colour rendition in surgery. A unique reflector system allows €˜shadowless' performance, whilst electronic focus control allows the beam to be adjusted without moving the light head. The benefit of combining the Thermal Ceiling with Brandon Medical's Operating Lights on the same structure makes it easier to use and ensures the equipment does not collide or cause obstructions. Brandon Medical are experts in the healthcare industry with over 40 years experience, they manufacture a wide range of products, including Medical Architectural Equipment, Control and Power Systems, Medical AV Systems and Medical Lighting.

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