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Astralite Goes HD

Brandon Medical's revolutionary new Astralite HD-LED is a brand new type of minor surgical light. HD-LED technology has vastly better performance than €˜standard definition' LED or conventional surgical lights. HD-LED is a revolutionary product with a breakthrough technology that changes the fundamental parameters of lighting.

Astralite HD-LED uses the same high technology components used in operating lamps to provide surgical quality illumination. They are mounted on multi movement arm mechanisms capable of positioning the lamps within an exceptionally wide envelope of movement. Astralite is specifically designed in ceiling, mobile and wall mounted versions which can be flexibly positioned around the examination area, perfect for gynecology procedures.

Astralite HD-LED has the unique feature of full spectrum colour rendition across all of the visible colours. This allows colours to be noticeably more vivid and clear in comparison to other lighting technologies. HD-LED provides a high light intensity across the entire illuminated area, offering the user a clear uniform vision of the targeted area. The beam size can also be adjusted to suit a particular working area to eliminate any peripheral distractions.
The optimal red balance control feature of HD-LED helps compensate for our natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red. HD-LED resolves this issue by allowing doctors to fine tune the level of visible red light during surgery in order to suit their own individual red vision.

Astralite HD-LED brings additional benefits through the application of the advanced HD-LED technology proving to be invaluable to both patient and practitioners experience.

HD-LED is incredibly energy efficient and uses less than a third of the energy used by conventional lighting. Lighting accounts for over 19% of all energy use and LED lighting has the potential to reduce this by 50-60% which is very significant in terms of carbon dioxide reduction.

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