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SONY Recognise Brandon Medical€™s Expertise in the Healthcare Technology Market

Brandon Medical's advanced expertise in medical audio, video and IP communication systems has been recognised by SONY. 

Due to their expertise, Brandon have been accredited by SONY to utilise their healthcare products as peripherals to Brandon's Integrated Digital Audio Video System. All products, including cameras, flat-panel monitors, video printers and DVD recorders have been designed specifically for the medical environment and successfully tested as Medical grade hardware. Brandon Medical's Integrated Digital Audio Video System is a methodology unique in the marketplace, as it uses Internet Protocol to operate over a hospitals existing communications network. Brandon's system and all SONY products used in this system have been successfully tested as Medical Devices to EN60601. The technologies which Brandon Medical are utilizing in their Integrated Digital Audio Video System are ideally suited to medical applications. Typical PC's bring hazards to operating theatres with internal fans and crevices which could be potential cross-infection points. SONY professional cameras and computers employed in Brandon's Integrated Digital Audio Video System have all been successfully tested for utilisation as medical devices. This is vital for the purpose of use in hospitals and more specifically, operating theatres, where minimising infection is critical. SONY's state of the art flat panel monitors are also utilised as part of Brandon's Integrated Digital Audio Video System. This piece of healthcare technology is ideal for viewing surgical procedures. It possesses extremely high picture sensitivity, with specialized exposure controls used to cope with the extreme conditions imposed by surgical lighting. As specialist dealers of SONY healthcare technology products, Brandon Medical are qualified to provide technical advice and support on SONY professional healthcare products.

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