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Its Official - Best LED lighting in Europe

The European Electronics Industry has awarded Brandon Medical's HD-LED medical lighting the 'Best LED Lighting Application Award."

The LED Lighting Application award has been given to Sagentia and Brandon Medical after collaborating to create HD-LED medical lighting. HD-LED was selected after demonstrating how the technoogy can be used to improve human vision, efficiency and cost in medical applications. It was judges on high performance, design and flexibility.

HD-LED uses a novel colour transformation technology to produce very high quality light from LEDs. The innovative technology delivers excellent light quality and is fully adjustable. In addition, because the lights use solid-state technology they generate virtually no heat, producing only visible light (therefore no UV or infrared)

HD-LED lights use up to 70 per cent less energy than conventional medical lighting. The lighting rang has consistently exceeded the standards laid down in environmental legislation. The contribution to CO2 reduction is approximately 1.25 tonnes per year per operating theatre. 

The latest medical light to feature the HD-LED technology is Brandon's Quasar operating theatre light. The lighting technology gives the best quality light of any other medical light on the market. Quasar was also awarded 50,000 by the British Chambers of Commerce as the outright 'winners of winners' and the Innovation through technology award.

David Frost, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce commented:
"Brandon is a shining example of what a good British business can do in a global market. The Company have used its intelligence and experience to develop a set of unique products that is helping the medical profession improve in a way that really could save lives."

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