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" By Far The Best Operating Light We have Ever Used"



 Ken Charles, Theatre Manager at Airedale Hospital in West Yorkshire, has commented that: "Quasar HD-LED is by far the best operating theatre light we have ever used. The overall performance, maneuverability and design of the lights make Quasar a step ahead of the rest. Brandon Medical have supported our theatre needs where possible and I am thrilled with our choice."

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is an award winning NHS hospital trust. Their objective is to be among the top 10 health care providers in England by providing high quality, compassionate and affordable care for patients. The hospital continually strives to improve their facilities by incorporating the latest medical technology into their services. To achieve this objective, Airedale trialed a selection of the latest operating theatre lights to select the optimum system for the hospital.

Brandon Medical's award winning Quasar HD-LED operating theatre lights were chosen as the best for use within the hospital. HD-LED is a brand new technology with vastly superior performance compared to standard definition LED. Quasar HD-LED has three distinctive benefits which differentiate it from other products in the market. Full spectrum colour rendition makes it the only surgical light with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. Fat Beam Illumination provides high light intensity across the entire illuminated area, offering the user a clear uniform vision of the targeted area. The beam size can also be adjusted to suit a particular working area to eliminate any peripheral distractions. Quasar HD-LED also has the highest R9 (visible red) colour rendition of any product thus providing the optimum visualisation of red tissues. This feature is also adjustable using the optimal Red Balance Control, therefore allowing the colour of the light to be adjusted to suit the surgeon's own vision.

As well as these pragmatic advantages, Quasar also supports the NHS's 2012 carbon emissions target. HD-LED® lights use up to 70% less energy than conventional medical lighting. The contribution to CO2 reduction is approximately 1.25 tonnes per year, per operating theatre therefore providing the hospital with substantial economic and environmental savings.

Brandon Medical were delighted to work with Airedale hospital and were pleased that Quasar was well received and recognised as being "a step ahead of the rest."


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