The Amadea features four versatile options to meet all patient and staff requirements, integrating a reading examination, night light and general light all in one lamp.


All these models feature the latest technology in medical lighting design leading to performance and efficiency benefits:

  • Energy Saving - reduces energy consumption by 80%

  • Longer Lamp Life - electronic ballasts extend the life of flourescent lamps by 50%

  • Flicker Free - all lamps produce flourescent lights without flickering.

  • Soft Start - soft start electronic ignition starts the lamps silently and enables 20,000-40,000 switching cycles.


Product Features

  • Class 1 medical device
  • Certified to IEC60601-1
  • Flourescent lamps and electronic ballasts provide flicker free illumination
  • Can reduce energy by up to 80%
  • Amadea includes wall mounted and remote control pads to allow flexible switching for both staff & patients
  • Remote setting of on/off & dimming levels, scene setting.