Vanera is ideal for use as both a bedhead and corridor light, giving medical-quality safety & performance at a competitive price.Features include:

Unobtrusive Design

Blending effortlessly into the background of a room or corridor, Vanera leaves an architect plenty of space to work with. Whereas bedhead models are always wall mounted, corridor models can either wall or ceiling mounted to better distribute their light output.

Quality & Safety

The quality manufacture of Vanera is backed-up by EN 60598 test certification.This certificate requires extensive electrical testing to ensure the units are safe for use in a medical environment, where even small electrical shocks can be lethal to prone patients.

Lighting Control System

Ideal for both corridors and patient rooms, Vanera uses advanced reflectors & prismatics to produce homogeneous and comfortable light, the wide angle distribution ensures light is projected over the maximum possible area of a corridor or patient room. Shadows and glare are reduced by the unique wide-angle light diffusion of Vanera.



Product Features

  • High energy efficiency
  • Glare-free light
  • Shadow-free lighting over large areas
  • Simple replacement of light source
  • Discreet and simple