Optica 488

The Optica 488 applies ergonomic perfection to support highly demanding visual tasks. With the latest LEDs, innovative arm technology and a visual field designed for optimum performance, the Optica 488 illuminated magnifier combines high efficiency with ergonomic design.

Enhanced Visualisation

Excellent colour reproduction that corresponds to Ra = 90 providing impressive colour rendition and highlights colour differences. The 3.5 dioptre magnifier doubles the size of even the smallest detail. For tasks requiring extra precision, an 8-dioptre accessory lens provides a total magnification of 11.5 dioptres.

To allow precise visual operation, Optica 488 has a digital dimming function from 10% to 100%. This integrated visualiser function incorporates three separate switchable light segments. This allows different scenarios to be created emphasising the surface structure and provides excellent depth perception.

Long reach, high manoeuvrability

The highly flexible head joint enables a wide range of positioning and working options. For maximum operating flexibility, the Optica 488's stylish and slimline arm has a long reach of 1 metre.

Innovative balanced-arm technology allows easy adjustment and precise positioning via six independent swivel joints. The Optica 488 arm has a minimum of 20,000 movement cycles.

Quality Built to Last 

Optica 488 is a high quality and low maintenance magnifier luminaire. Optica 488 is 40% more efficient than conventional magnifiers, whilst maintaining high levels of illuminance using an LED light source. The illumination of 6,000 Lux uses only 14 watts of power.

The long LED life of up to 50,000+ hours saves on maintenance and downtime costs. This makes Optica 488 highly economical to operate and is built to last for over 20 years of normal use.


Product Features

  • 40% energy savings
  • 6,000 Lux
  • Maintenance-free: LED life of up to 50,000 hours
  • Continuous dimming to 10%
  • 3-D shadow effects emphasising surface structure
  • 3.5 dioptre magnification
  • Scratch-proof glass
  • Large arm radius with innovative flexible head joint
  • Balanced arm for easy manoeuvrability

Instructions for Use