Seacroft Embryology Unit

Seacroft Hospital is home to the largest NHS based IVF facility in the UK. The centre asked Brandon Medical to create an innovative Embryo Cell Safety Light.

Studies have shown that visible blue light is harmful to delicate human cells including embryonic, retinal and stem cells. Light with wavelengths up to 500nm, which includes the visible violet and blue light is known to damage these cells.

Brandon Medical selected their HD-LED technology as the basis of the cell safety light which uses LED light sources and a unique colour conversion technology. Standard LEDs contain a lot of visible blue light and would not be a natural choice for this application but they do have the advantage of not producing any UV or IR light.

They selected HD-LED because it is a full (visible) spectrum light source. Special filters have been developed that remove only the dangerous sub-500nm wavelengths but have all the other visible light present. The result is a cell safe light which gives optimum colour rendition, without the danger of "blue light toxicity'.

Brandon's HD-LED is officially the best LED light for medical applications awarded by the European Electronics Elektra awards 2009.

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