St Mary's, Paddington

St Mary's Hospital, Paddington have equipped their brand new Intensive Care Suite with a novel "foot-of-bed' pendant solution. The unique system was developed and supplied by Brandon Medical to meet St Mary's specific requirements for an integrated patient information system.

St Mary's Hospital is located in the heart of one of London's major regeneration areas and is undergoing substantial changes. The Trust has recently merged with Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust and Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine to form the largest Trust in the country. As part of these changes, developments are being made to improve the facilities, especially in highly important departments such as Critical Care and Intensive Treatment Units.

Brandon Medical worked with St Mary's to develop a "foot of the bed' solution through supplying 16 tailor made Clinical Information System Pendants. These Pendants consist of a lightweight twin arm system. Attached to one arm is a 20" medically approved flat screen tablet computer, with which to monitor the patient's clinical information. On the second arm is one of Brandon's Astralite minor surgical light, a versatile, high quality light used for minor surgical procedures.

A further 16 AtlasTM Medical Supply Pendants are installed at the head of each ITU bed to maximize the number of patient services immediately accessible around the patient bed whilst minimizing the area occupied. This is done without compromising the pendants loading capacity, both in terms of weight and amount of services available (gas outlets, power sockets, data points etc).This can make working much easier for clinical teams in what is traditionally one of the most overcrowded and cramped areas of a hospital. The Multi-Function Rack mounted on the front of the pendant removes the need for long and bulky service heads and allows items to be added, moved or removed at a later date.

In addition to the unique pendant system, Brandon Medical also equipped the hospital with a range of Medipower IPS and UPS systems.

Brandon Medical specializes in creating solutions, through working with their clients to develop a design to match their exact requirements. With over 40 years experience within the healthcare industry, Brandon Medical understands the importance of integrating medical products within the hospital environment.

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