The Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Brandon Medical's products have been selected for the new build Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury. The 512 bed hospital provides the first all inpatient accommodation in single en-suite bedrooms, specifically designed to reduce the risk of infection outbreaks.  The 10 ward hospital chose Brandon Medical's products to be installed throughout the new build including Operating Theatres, Neo-Natal wards and Intensive Care Units.

Brandon Medical have equipped the critical are and Neo-Natal and ICU areas with their Atlas Critical Care Pendants. The pendants were installed at the head of each bed to maximise the number of patient services immediately accessible around the patient bed whilst minimising the area occupied. This is done without compromising the pendants loading capacity, both in terms of weight and amount of services available.

Where Brandon really showed what they have to offer is in the 8 fully equipped Symposia Digital Theatres. Symposia is a digital media package specifically for the healthcare environment and connects medical professionals to a range of AV resources which can be accessed immediately to any location. The Tunbridge Wells hospital saw the first installation of the Symposia CoPAX system. CoPAX forms the central point of control in digital theatres; it is an integrated control and display system that combines the display and distribution of HD laparoscope images, AV controls and display functions. CoPAX has been designed around an intuitive and easy to use touch screen panel that can be adjusted to suit user requirements, additional control systems can also be added to the system ranging from lighting in the theatre to manoeuvring of the operating table. The hospital has a seminar room for active learning. Symposia provides 2-way AV communications between clinical environments and seminar rooms for interactive training and teaching.

The Tunbridge Wells Hospital also benefits from two ultra clean ventilation theatres equipped by Brandon Medical. Modern hospital environments focuses it's interests in air conditioning in a limited protection zone in which airborne germs must be excluded from operation wounds.



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