European Business Awards

Dear Graeme

I wanted to personally extend my congratulations to you and the rest of your colleagues on becoming a Country Representative for UK in this year's European Business Awards.

In such difficult economic times it is easy for businesses to use the excuse of the climate as the reason for mediocre performance. Companies like Brandon Medical Co Ltd prove that even in such difficult times strong businesses can still make excellent progress.

It is for that reason we are showcasing your company to the rest of the business community in the hope that we can inspire and encourage others to emulate your success. A stronger business community makes for a stronger Europe.

For Brandon Medical Co Ltd, this is also a great opportunity to generate positive media and business exposure. As one of Europe?s most highly regarded business accolades, it has proved a very powerful endorsement for previous winners and generated significant visibility and interest for them.

So I would strongly suggest that if your marketing and communications team haven?t reached out to our Media team they do so. Our team will offer as much assistance as possible to help you get the message out that you have been selected as a Country Representative in the European Business Awards.

Once again, well done on creating such a fantastic company and I look forward to following your progress through the competition.

Yours sincerely,


Adrian Tripp

Chief Executive Officer

The European Business Awards

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