Macular Degeneration

Dear Matthew Shaw,

Now that I have had the opportunity of using you Optica Magnifying Lamp 388 for a week, I would like to let you know my evaluation of it's quality and usefulness for my special needs.

I have, as I mentioned to you, Dry age-related Macular Degeneration eye disease in both eyes and for reading and writing I must have very strong illumination; it is the decisive factor that enable me at this phase- not only to perform those functions (to some extent) but also to rejoin human life as a participant member again.

I have used the Optica 388 in every kind of natural light as a visual aid in several optical modes i.e. large, small faint and strong print or writing- both for reading and to write by. During the last 18 months I have tried many hypoed magnifying glasses but they have all had to be hand held which necessitates the practical loss of one hand, and they are too small, making writing extremely difficult and fragmented, reducing the natural flow to one or two short words at a time. The generous size of the magnifying lens on the Optica 388 and it's longer arms than the minuscule, useless arms of present "desk lamps" that do not provide the light to read nor have sufficient manoeuvrability, make this one instrument that lets AMD sufferers see printed natter and be able to write- either by hand- or with both hands free using a keyboard and a pc monitor to still function as a "normal" human being. Since the present insane obsession with dimming all light-giving instruments, lamps, there is no longer a proper desk lamp available anywhere that would take a 100-150W bulb- the strength AMD sufferers need, thus condemning us to a sightless, bleak, vegetative existence, wholly dependant on others, much before blindness might strike.

This is unbearably cruel and your specialised medical or desk lamp is literally a pure gift of sight that provides not only adequately strong illumination to actually see by but also the size if the lamp's magnifying lens and simple, easy and versatile control joints leave both hands free by making the holding of one- usually quite small- magnifying glass with one hand unnecessary. Teh ability of having both hands free is a versatile new lifeline.

To sum it up; in 18 moths of progressively deterioratign sight, I have desperately tried to compensate by numerous recommended means to be able, at least to read and write: 150W bulbs in ordinary, what is nowadays allowed by "them" to be sold as "desk lamps" which just burn out and melted away the brackeets; halongen workshop/gargae reflectors-very hot and essentially damaging even to ehalthy eyes; about eight different,promisingmuch but utterly failing to deliver, magnifying glasses squares etc. None came close to your Optica 388 in enabling me to read and write again

I want to thank you for this wonderful gift of sight which the Optica 388 certainly provides on a time of despair and dire need.

My sincerest, heartfelt thanks and gratitude

Yours Sincerely

Gabriel Haynod


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