Mediclean® UCV

Modern hospital hygiene focuses its interests in air conditioning on a limited protection zone, in which airborne germs must be excluded rigorously from operation wounds, and in which patients may continue to pose concrete dangers.

Mediclean® the first of its kind in the UK, improves patient safety and surgical outcomes by providing unique benefits to hospital designers, surgical staff and maintenance engineers.

Using air curtain technology, Mediclean® is able to constrain the air in the clean zone and separate it from the surrounding “dirty” air. It offers a patented continuous particle monitor (CPM) system which accurately measures airborne particles caused by surgical smoke or entrainment during surgery. The Mediclean® CPM system is the first in the world that allows staff to “see” how clean the air is during surgery by displaying the results in simple visual alarms.

Mediclean® is designed to be fitted completely flush to the ceiling making it easy to position operating lights, medical pendants and imaging machines without obstruction.

Product Features

  • Air Curtain Technology to constrain air in clean zone
  • Real-Time Automatic Optimisation of Air Quality
  • Screen-Less and Complanate
  • Ease of Movement for other Operating Equipment
  • CPM Visual Alarm System
  • Data Logging
  • Ultra-quiet models with remote fans