Medical Displays

Medical Grade Monitors

All Monitors are safe for use in operating theatres having been successfully tested as Medical Devices to EN60601.

High Quality Image 

Ideal for surgery, advanced LCD technology is used to produce high contrast images with a fast video response and no visible time lag.
18-inch and 30-inch models are available to suit different sizes/types of operating theatre.

Viewing Angle

The screen is always easy to see with a unique 170° viewing angle being complemented by a double-coated anti-reflective filter to remove any glare from the theatre lighting.


Cleaning and maintenance are quick and simple due to the entire unit being enclosed within a ruggedised and splash proof case. There are no visible cables with the power supply housed remotely.


Space is saved and clutter removed from the operating site by mounting the monitor on a 3rd ceiling arm. This arm incorporated into the theatre light ceiling fixing.