Excellent picture reproduction (X Algorithm)

BVM19MFS provides sophisticated I/P (interlace to progressive) conversion using X-Algorithm technology. This combines the pixels above, below and in the diagonal direction of the moving picture part, and then inserts a natural pixel to create the absent lines. The result is much smoother image reproduction for both moving and static picture areas.

Picture Delay minimum mode

LCD panel has certain level of the picture delay factor, due to the response time of LCD panel device itself and the data calculation time of the signal process such as I/P conversion. This is already well known as the basic nature of all LCD monitors. But the user may wish to obtain much lower picture delay rather than higher picture quality. To satisfy this demand the Picture delay minimum mode provides the option to trade picture quality against lower picture delay.

Excellent Brightness and Contrast

While conventional LCD monitors can tend to be dark, the BVM19MFS provides high-brightness and high contrast images by use of super wide aperture LCD panels. In addition, the use of precisely manufactured RGB colour filters allow these monitors to reproduce colours with stunning depth and saturation - creating highly natural images.

Wide Viewing Angle

The LCD panel has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, horizontally and vertically, with minimal reduction in picture contrast, enabling images to be viewed from various positions and angles.

The User Memory

The User Memory functionality provides the capability of saving 20 patterns of memory settings. Doctors can easily set, save, and recall their preferred picture setting using an assigned user name. The following parameters can be memorized to user memory: Colour temperature, Brightness, Contrast, Chroma, Phase, Aperture, Gamma, Aspect, Scan, Picture Delay Minimum, User Memory Name, User Colour Temperature. In addition factory default settings can instantly be recalled by the touch of two buttons.

Auto chroma/phase function

The chroma and phase of the decoder are automatically adjusted with the auto chroma phase function.

Three Colour Tally

The tally lamp can be lit up via a parallel remote connector and the status identified by three colours, red, green or amber.

Parallel Remote (Modular 8-pin)

Parallel Remote Control and Tally can be controlled via a modular 8-pin connector, and the pin assignment can be set from the On-Screen Menu. Users can control the tally lamp, select Input and activate Underscan mode or Overscan mode.

Colour temperature Adjustment

The colour temperatures can be selected among four preset data (HIGH, LOW, LOW2, LOW3) and the USER data can be set between 5000K and 10000K.

Smart APA

Perform an automatic adjustment to achieve the clearest picture while a signal is input from the HD15 input connector.

Versatile Scan Mode

The BVM19MFS offers a wide choice of displaying images such as Overscan, normal scan, underscan and native picture reproduction. These various options allow doctors to decide what is the most suitable and convenient mode for them.

Native Scan Mode

Can be selected when displaying images generated by HD signals (1080i/720p). This mode performs pixel-to-pixel mapping without scaling when processing high-definition signals to provide a native HD image on the monitor. The centre area of the image, which is most vital during endoscopic applications, is displayed on the monitor.

Key Inhabit

Possible to lock the setting so that they cannot be changed by an unauthorised user.


Product Features

  • Excellent picture reproduction
  • Optional picture quality against lower picture delay
  • High brightness and high contrast images
  • RGB colour filter
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Capable of saving 20 patterns of memory settings
  • Colour temperature adjustment