Sony DVO1000

Long Recording Time

The DVO-1000MD provides a long recording time of up to 3 hours on a single disc. Three recording modes are available, depending on the picture quality and recording duration required :- HQ Mode : 60 minutes SP Mode : 120 minutes LP Mode : 180 minutes

Quick Random Access by Title and Chapter

The DVO-1000MD makes records as 'Titles' - recording segments from when the REC button is pressed until the STOP button is pressed. Within a Title, you can set 'Indexes' to images of interest by pressing the PAUSE button during recording. A segment between two index points is handled as a 'Chapter'. When playing back the disc, quick access to the top of a title or chapter is possible with the press of a button.

High Speed Colour Picture Search

The DVO-1000MD offers +/-3 times normal speed playback as standard. Using an optional control panel such as SVRM-100A or DSRM-10, +/-10 times normal speed playback becomes available with easy-to-use Jog/Shuttle dial operation. Furthermore, a maximum +/-30 times normal speed playback is possible from other medial equipment connected using the RS-232C protocol.

Variety of Remote Controls

For remote control from other medical equipment, the DVO-1000MD supports the RS-232C protocol - widely used in the Sony SVO-9500MD S-VHS Medical VTR. Three remote control units are also available as options : SVRM-100A, DSRM-10 and FS-20. A USB 2.0 (Full Speed) interface is also provided.

Wide Range of Inputs

The DVO-1000MD is equipped with a wide range of interfaces including analogue composite, S-Video and analogue audio I/Os and an audio monitor output. An i.LINK (DV) input is also provided, facilitating high-quality digital video recording with minimal signal degradation.

PAL/NTSC Switchable

The DVO-1000MD can be operated for both PAL (625) and NTSC (525) systems by a simple menu setting.


Product Features

  • 3 hour recording time
  • Quick access to video chapters
  • High speed colour picture search
  • Wide range of interfaces including S-Video, and an autio monitor output
  • High quality digital video recording