Operating Theatre Dome Camera

Professional-standard cameras modules with pan, tilt and zoom Dome Systems to deliver the highest standard of video imaging.


The camera supplies can be used in the training of all theatre staff including theatre nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists. The overall movements of the entire operating team are monitored and recorded alongside the feeds from the lamp-head camera. These feeds are available over the hospital network using Remote Viewing software.

Motion Sensitive

All movement and activity within the operating theatre is monitored and recorded, meaning any tampering or theft is picked up and committed to film - increasing patient and data security. This also saves the inconvenience of having to turn the system on/off - the camera simply turns itself on automatically when movement is detected within the operating theatre.

Remote Control

The pan/zoom features of the camera can all be controlled remotely by a viewer watching a live procedure This is used for training purposes, allowing viewers to zoom in on particular theatre practitioner whose job is being studied.



Product Features

  • Pan, tilt and zoom dome systems.
  • Video feeds can be used for training
  • Motion sensitive
  • Compatible with remote viewing software