Sony Medical Video Printer


Accurate Colour Rendition

The colour of any medical print-out must be extremely accurate to ensure the image can be analysed properly in the future. Dye sublimation printers can reproduce colour very accurately offering over 16 million colours. The print head changes temperature as colours are applied - giving access to a vast variety of different shades

Highly Reliable and Robust

Video printers are extremely reliable and have relatively few moving parts (compared to traditional printers) this reduces general wear-and-tear and makes break downs much less likely. There is no wet ink involved with dye sublimation printing (solid ink is transferred straight to a gas and applied to paper) there is much reduced risk of the printer clogging up and needing cleaning. The front loading paper tray is easy to remove and fill and keeps the unit small and compact.

Printing Flexibility

Up to 8 images can be printed on asinglesheet, these options are easily selectable using a simple remote control.

A frame memory function allows you to print several images in quick succession, so if the printer is currently busy it can still store additional data for printing when the current job has finished. The printer can easily interact with an existing hospital's IT system. A USB port on the front of the unit allows you to transfer images to a PC or alternatively the printer can be connected to a DICOM network.


Product Features

  • Dye-sublimation technology to produce quick, high quality images
  • Extremely accurate colour rendition
  • Reduced wear-and-tear
  • Remote control function