Coolview Eco™

Coolview Eco

Brandon Medical’s brand new Coolview Eco™ examination light is the perfect entry level LED light offering advanced performance at a value for money price.

Economical and Efficient

The Coolview Eco examination light is a state-of-the-art examination light perfectly suited for consulting rooms, GP treatment rooms and ICU. Coolview Eco emits an intense white, bright light equivalent to a 20W halogen bulb but only using 7W.

Positioning and Long Reach

Innovative articulated arm system ensures the light is easy to move, easy to position and does not drift. Long arm reach extends to 900mm to provide a large working envelope.

Cold Light

Coolview Eco does not emit any infrared radiation, avoiding heat exposure during examinations.


Product Features

  • LED Technology
  • 15,000 Lux at 0.5m whilst using only 7 watts of power
  • LED life of 30,000 hours
  • Smooth sealed joints avoid the ingress of dust
  • Suitable for examination procedures
  • Mobile, Wall, Desk, and Rail mountings available on an elegant spring-balanced arm for precise and effortless positioning.
  • Mobile mount also available in the S3 Multiflex arm for flexible positioning

Installation Guide and Instructions for Use