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Brandon Medical feature in Marvel Movie Dr Strange!

Once again, Brandon Medical's products are being featured in a new blockbuster movie!

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Coolview® CLED10

Brandon Medical's Coolview CLED10 provides lighting performance to suit your healthcare specialty and your budget. Thanks to the 16mm pin, the Coolview® CLED10 can be used universally in doctors surgeries and in the clinical sector. Using the wide range of accessories it can be mounted on a roller stand, on the wall or on a rail.

Professional Light Quality

Thanks to it's unique diamond optics, Coolview® CLED10 emits 50,000 lux of intense bright light at 0.5m providing a pool of clear light during procedures.

Large Illuminated Area

A large illuminated area of 180mm makes it easy to examine areas of tissue

Colour Corrected Light Source

The colour corrected light source with a colour temperature of 4,400°K allows for accurate representation of tissues during examinations.


The flexible arm ensures positional accuracy and good durability. The sealed construction protects against contamination.