Key Features at a Glance

Double Security

All movements can also be performed manually by preselector lever and hydraulic foot pump, ensuring double security.

Hand Held Control

Hand-held control in “reverse mode” allows normal operation of the table in reverse positioning.

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating table memory foam pads

Memory Foam Pads

Prevents pressure ulcers and provides maximum patient comfort.

Brandon Medical Operating Table Memory Foam Pads

Disinfection-proof Gel Strips

Adhesive gel strips are easily sterilised, maintaining hygiene standards without constant replacement.

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating table

250kg Weight Capacity

An increased weight bearing capacity makes the Anteris table suitable for the vast majority of patients.

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating table fully powered movements

Choice of 3 or 4 Fully Powered Movements

Anteris 30 provides fully powered movements of High/Low, Lateral (left/right) and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg positionings. Anteris 40 provides the same positioning, plus a fourth powered movement of the back section.


Longitudinal Shift (optional)

Flexibility in positioning of the table top, either to the left or right, allows for all operational procedures.

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating table kidney bridge

Kidney Bridge (optional)

Lifting 100mm from the bed, the unique Kidney Bridge caters for a variety of procedures.

Anteris™ Functionality

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating table hydraulic xray casette detail

X-ray Cassette Access

Continuous rails for X-ray cassette insertion.

Reverse Mode

“Reverse Mode” allows for normal operation of the table when the patient is reverse positioned. The hand-held unit can also be equipped with an optional “Return-to-zero” function.

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating foot control

Battery Level Indicator

The hand held controller includes a live indication of the level of battery charge.

Foot Control (Optional)

Allows for full control of all electrical table functions.

Brandon Medical Anteris Operating 5 wheel mobile base

Covered Castors

Castors have protective splash caps to encourage hygienic practice.

5 Wheel Mobile Base

Four easy-glide double castors with cap. A central brake and spring loaded fifth, directional castor in the centre of the base allows for easy movement in confined spaces.

Quickly Removable Head and Leg Plates

One-button removal and attachment of head and leg plates makes for simple patient positioning in reverse mode.

Battery Charger

Removable charger for electro-hydraulic tables. Damage resistant whilst remaining small and discreet.