Environmental Policy

Brandon Medical has implemented and is operating an EMS that it publicly asserts conforms to ISO14001.

The Self-declaration was accomplished by the following process:

  • Determined the Organizations EMS requirements. The EMS requirements were determined during a review of the company operations In February 2018. Our processes include product realization and may impact on the environment as determined by the identification of environmental aspects and significance evaluation.
  • Conducted the EMS Audit. The EMS internal audit of our business was conducted by the Management Representative i February 2018 and documented it the Aspects Register of the EMS.
  • After the above steps were completed, we determined that we could utilize the Self-Declaration Status and communicated the results to all employees.

I furthermore confirm, that having reviewed the EMS and the findings of the assessment performed, I am
satisfied that the EMS meets the requirements of the ISO14001 standard.