Lighting solutions for dentists.
Lighting solutions for dentists.


High-performance task lighting which can be integrated with Symposia® cameras and Surgical Video System

High Performance Lighting Solutions for Dentists

Brandon Medical equipment for dental is the perfect combination to assist on day to day dental interventions and is uniquely able to switch easily to support during complex surgery such as implant cases. Moreso, you can choose a light head with an HD SDI camera inside to support documenting the procedure for later reference and training purposes, allowing students to follow live from another location, be it in your practice or remotely.

High-performance task lighting and Symposia® Surgical Video System

Brandon Medical Equipment for Dental has a wide range of high-performance task lighting, with unique red balance control, which allows you to switch by a touch of a button between daylight colour temperature and warmer light suitable for implant surgery. The experience required for such an essential procedure for the wellbeing of patients with advanced dental decay comes with the age-related challenge where the visual acuity decreases, especially in the red spectrum. Brandon Medical feature its patented red LED, which compensates for and enhances the visual ability of the surgeon.

By choosing to use a surgery light with an HD SDI integrated camera and Symposia® Surgical System Video, you can document the procedure and train the future generation of implant surgeons.

The ability to adjust the colour temperature with a single touch between the ideal daylight for shade taking and red balance control for tissue surgery makes Brandon Medical uniquely suited for high-end specialist dentistry.

Please see below the benefits of the range of Brandon products and links to the range of products available.

Perfect Light (HD- LED) for Shade taking

Brandon Medical offers the only surgical lighting range with near-perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. It features the highest R9 colour rendition of any product on the market, which ensures the perfect shade-taking as well as strong and vibrant visualisation of tissues.


Medical Lighting

Red Balance Controls

The light is optimised to enhance the visualisation of red tissue and has our unique Red Balance Control, which allows Surgeons to ‘tune’ the red content to match their own vision. Each individual’s eyes have differing levels of red perception and this is shown to deteriorate as we get older.

Our unique Red Balance Control allows surgeons to precisely adjust the amount of red light whilst not affecting the balance of other colours.

Comfort halo of Brandon medical innovative operating lights and luminaries

Unique ‘Comfort Halo’

A contrast ratio of 160,000:1,000 Lux is quite extreme. The comfort halo is designed to reduce the Surgeon’s eye strain that can result from their central vision being dominated by a very bright light whilst their peripheral vision is in low light. There are also benefits during endoscopic procedures during which the general lighting is normally turned off, with the halo providing soft, low-level illumination around the patient for the team to carry out non-surgical tasks.

Brandon Medical Astralite minor surgery light Biomaster silver ion

Unique Design to Minimise Infections

Sealed to IP 54 (Degree of Ingress Protection)

The lamphead is sealed to IP 54 – providing protection against the ingress of liquids and particulates. This stops contaminants, including cleaning solutions from getting inside the lamphead enclosure.

No Exposed Fasteners

Exposed screw heads and similar fasteners are almost impossible to clean effectively if they become contaminated (e.g. blood splashes) so we’ve eliminated all of them from the light head.

Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology

Biomaster antimicrobial additive is moulded into the plastic lamp head parts and ‘Ultra Fresh’ is incorporated in the lamp head paint. Both of these additives have anti-microbial properties.

Brandon Medical Quasar eLite internal camera

Fully integrated HD-SDI Camera “Inside”

Quasar® eLite can be personalised to include optional features such as HD Cameras that are fully embedded into the lamp head. The HD-SDI system produces outstanding picture quality on large monitors and provides a foundation for Brandon Medical’s Symposia® systems.

brandon medical audio visual systems symposia entoli
Symposia® Surgical Video System

The Symposia® Surgical Video System system connects medical professionals to a range of Audio-Visual resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.

Medical Audio Video Systems

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