Medical Audio Video Systems

Symposia® Integrated OR with Entoli HD

Symposia® audio visual equipment for the operating room. Entoli™ Medical Controller is an intuitive control suite for operating rooms/theatres. It makes operating theatre technology work as one system, independently from the underlying equipment.

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Symposia Entoli 4K Brandon Medical audio video for integrating operating theatre
Symposia® Integrated OR with Entoli 4K

Symposia® 4k ultraHD equipment for the operating room.“Entoli™ Medical Control” is an OR Control Platform that enables clinicians quick and easy setup before procedures and a simple touch interface for control during surgery and ensures near-zero latency.

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brandon medical audio visual systems symposia entoli
Symposia® Surgical Video System

The Symposia® Surgical Video System system connects medical professionals to a range of Audio-Visual resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.

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