Intensive care bedspace by Brandon Medical.
Intensive care bedspace by Brandon Medical.

Intensive Care Bedspace

Intensive Care Bedspace Equipment Package from Brandon Medical


Clutter-Free Clinical Environments and Patient Monitoring Integration

A healing ICU environment is more than just a space: beyond workflows, safety and infection prevention, we focus on providing quieter surroundings, natural light, and room for family and friends.

Brandon Medical’s Atlas Medical Supply pendants now offer a new, custom mounting and bracketing solution, creating a seamless communication network between your patient monitor, control unit, and data capture unit. Additionally, our solution can mount a ventilator unit under the service head, eliminating floor-trailing cables and tubes in the ICU. Our foot-of-bed solution, equipped with medical point-of-care computers, declutters space and allows patient positioning to maximise daylight healing benefits.




Every detail matters during the journey toward recovery. That’s why, at Brandon Medical, we approach ICU design with care and practical, considered solutions.

  • Patient monitoring communication integration
  • Ventilator unit mounting solution
  • Workflow and H&S improvement
  • Clear, organised space
  • Quieter surroundings
human-centred-icu-design-brandon-medical intensive care bedspace

Intensive Care Bedspace Equipment, Design and Planning

The Critical Care space is found in the intensive care unit (ICU), which can also be referred to as an Intensive therapy unit (ITU) or critical care unit (CCU).

Both the clinical and healthcare estate engineers aim to minimise the impact on patients and their families to shorten recovery times.

The required equipment should not clutter the bedspace, be configurable, and allow for flexibility and easy positioning to facilitate 360-degree care, with no restriction of access to any part of the patient body for the nurse and physicians.

Brandon Medical Atlas pendants have ample space within the arms to fit correctly gas lines, electric and fibre optic video cables, maintenance-free magnetic brakes, and a wide range of configurable accessories such as shelves, Drawers, and perfusion poles.


Principles of Design for Ergonomic Pendants for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Shorter Recovery

Innovating ICU pendant systems

  1. Accelerating recovery times in the ICU is in the patient’s best interest, and it is our focus for the innovations we will present. But we must emphasize that faster recovery times in the ICU mean increasing operating theatre throughput.
  2. Patient hoist to enable movement of intensively treated patients, which will aid recovery and speed up recovery times and stays in the ICU.
  3. Separated Ventilator—(screen and actual ventilator) to ensure a compact service console, which in turn provides end-users with more space to work in. It also provides a more ergonomic and flexible vent screen usage.
  4. Electromagnetic brakes provide a more efficient pendant braking system.
  5. All in one, combined patient information system patient entertainment monitor.
  6. Pendants are coloured to match existing hospital furniture and provide a homelier-looking room instead of a distinctly clinical room environment.
  7. Auxiliary drop-down console.

Design Philosophies and Considerations: Safe Assessment of Diversity Factors for Medical IT and UPS Systems to Provide Cost Savings

Brandon Medical will design or upgrade Medical IT Supplies (IPS), Uninterruptible Power Supply & Earthing Solutions of a Group 2 Hospital Medical Location (HD60364—7-710&BS7671:2015) for a regulatory and recommendatory compliant solution with high levels of engineering redundancy and resilience while maintaining a commercial design philosophy.

The only proven requirements figure for Medical IT and UPS systems date from 20 years ago, whilst technology has made giant leaps forward, multiplying the number of equipment needed – which means that we do not know current power requirements.

We will consider design philosophies around quantities of bed spaces and power requirements per bed space or per room. Due to obsolete data on recommended KVA the estimates are maximal and not inducive of space, cost, and energy savings.

We will present technical solutions based upon proven knowledge, tried and tested experience and codes of best practice, and how to safely assess diversity factors, taking into consideration section 710 Medical Location Modifications of IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition.

Critical Care Bedspace Equipment, Design and Planning 360 degrees nursing care

Why choose Brandon Medical when planning your ICU?


For over 75 years, Brandon Medical has provided healthcare professionals with reliable, high-quality, and affordable medical equipment packages for operating theatres and critical care. Continuous investment in our products allows us to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, the healthcare industry and the patients it serves.

We are acknowledged experts in medical lighting, medical power & control systems, medical video, and medical AV systems with unique expertise in providing integrated solutions.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of high tech medical lighting, and our equipment can be found in surgeries, clinics, and hospitals throughout the world supported by an extensive distributor network.


Our UK manufactured operating theatre lamps have near-perfect colour rendition, balanced arm systems for ease of movement, and use HD-LED technology which emits a brilliant cold light to reduce heat generation. We also have a range of mobile operating theatre lights. Specialist surgical and examination lighting systems are available, with unique features designed to suit the field.

In addition to healthcare and hospital lighting technology, we also manufacture operating theatre control panels and design solutions for medical AV systems, medical supply pendants, as well as isolated power systems and uninterruptible power systems.

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