Brandon Medical Installation of Medical IT power supplies IPS
Medipower™ Medical IT Power Supplies (IPS)

Also known as a medical IT system, an IPS system provides safe delivery of electrical power.

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Medipower iBEPU intelligent battery emergency power for operating lights
Medipower™ iBEPU

Intelligent Battery Emergency Power for Operating Lights

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Medipower™ Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Disruption to the electrical supply of  critical care medical equipment used in operating theatres and intensive care units can put patients’ lives at risk. By installing a UPS system, the impact of spurious power failures can be minimised.

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Brandon-Medical-Medipower-Delta-Zig-Zag-Transformers for Hospitals
Medipower™ Delta Zig Zag Transformers

The preferred solution for neutral generation close to UPS, also available upon request.

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Medipower™ Equipotential Bonding Busbar

Medipower Earth Reference Bars (ERB) to supply all Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations.

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Medipower™ External Maintenance Bypass Panels

Medipower External Maintenance Bypass Panels allow safe and easy isolation of Brandon Medical UPS units from the main supply. This allows UPS units to undergo maintenance in complete safety without any disturbance to the load.

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