Healthcare projects in more than 70 countries

Quality design and manufacture. Reliable products with a long service life.

Brandon Medical is a UK designer and manufacturer of world-leading technology for operating theatres, critical care areas, and primary care institutions.

For over 70 years, Brandon Medical has provided healthcare professionals with reliable, high-quality, and affordable medical equipment packages for operating theatres and critical care.

We provide specialist products for hospitals and primary care that connect and integrate with the buildings and building services.

  • Medical control and power: intelligent theatre control panels, medical power supply
  • Medical lighting: operating theatre luminaires, minor surgical lights, examination lights
  • Medical Architectural: ultraclean ventilation canopies, medical pendants, operating tables
  • Medical audio video: PACS, computers, audio-video components and systems custom for medical use

Technical experts providing consultancy support helping clients to correctly specify solutions to meet their needs.

We provide ongoing support to our clients with training to use our products effectively and to maintain their performance.

On-site service and support delivered by our technical experts working with certified in-market service partners.

We have a proven track record in the provision of technologically advanced and innovative products for clinical staff and healthcare engineers. We maintain the highest levels of expertise that span research, design, electronics, IT, software, lightening, audio-visual, engineering, precision manufacturing, and building services. Our experienced export team and the extensive network of more than 100 international partners help clients to correctly install our products.


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