Europe's first RAPTOR Theatre: A Game-Changer in Trauma Care

In a significant leap forward for healthcare in the United KIngdom, the Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital has embarked on a groundbreaking project: a paradigm shift in delivering trauma care

The Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital is set to redefine trauma care in the United Kingdom. Comprising a resuscitation area, five emergency theatres, inpatient beds, diagnostic imaging facilities, and a dedicated helipad for rapid patient transfer, this state-of-the-art facility is set to provide a comprehensive trauma care solution ensuring timely treatment for patients involved in severe incidents like car crashes or life-changing falls.

At the heart of this ambitious endeavour lies the innovative RAPTOR (Resuscitation, Angiography, Percutaneous Techniques, and Operative Repair) Theatre, a pioneering facility designed to treat patients with life-threatening trauma injuries.


RAPTOR Theatre: A Game-Changer in Trauma Care

The Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital’s crown jewel, the RAPTOR Theatre, redefines trauma care. Equipped with the Brandon Medical Equipment Package (BEP), it also combines scans, X-rays, and surgeries in one space, saving time and minimising risks by avoiding patient transfers. This innovation focuses on multi-trauma patients, enhancing their chances of survival.

Wall of Knowledge at Greater-Manchester-Major-Trauma-Hospital---RAPTOR-Medicontrol-and-PACS Intelligent Theatre control panel and Symposia PACS

Europe’s First of Its Kind

Creating the RAPTOR Theatre within the Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital marks a significant achievement for healthcare in the United Kingdom. The only similar project in the world preceding this is in Australia, further highlighting the uniqueness and significance of this project.

Innovative Infrastructure for Enhanced Care from Brandon Medical

The development of James Potter Building, named in honour of the hospital’s recently retired long-standing chairman, is a six-storey facility. Brandon Medical has provided equipment for acute care levels,
as follows:

Level 1. Resuscitation and CT Scanner: Equipped 12 spaces with Atlas Pendants® Medilift solo double anaesthetic pendants.

Level 2. Features Coolview and Astralite examination lights and remote alarms for IPS circuits.

Level 3. It houses five operating theatres and five anaesthetic rooms equipped with Brandon Medical technology.

  • Orthopaedic Operating Theatres 1 and 2
  • General Surgery Theatre
  • Neuro Operating Theatre
  • The groundbreaking RAPTOR Operating Theatre

Each of these operating theatres boasts a fully integrated Brandon Medical operating theatre package, including surgical Atlas pendants, anaesthetic Atlas pendants, Mediclean UCV ultra-clean ventilation canopies, Quasar eLite 6030 operating lights, Symposia PACS, and Symposia audio-video integration.

Level 4. Includes Medipower Isolated Power Systems (IPS) and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to ensure continuous power supply for the entire Salford ARC building acute care areas.
Brandon Medical is privileged to have been chosen as the equipment supplier for the Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital. This selection reflects our long-standing commitment to excellence in healthcare, driven by our decades of experience, expertise, and adherence to best practices.

We have met the challenge by implementing innovative solutions with a human-centric project design to advance trauma care in the United Kingdom and ensure patients’ highest healthcare quality during
critical moments

We had a vision when initiating our intricate and ambitious project at the Greater Manchester Major Trauma Hospital, to provide unparalleled trauma care for the most acutely ill patients across Greater Manchester in a world class facility. We selected Brandon Medical, a British manufacturer and designer, for their high-tech fully integrated and interoperable systems because they were offering a complete suite of the latest equipment for our operating theatres, our resus facilities, and our diagnostic suite.

Their team has shown great care and involvement at every stage of the project, being as invested as we are in delivering the best for major trauma patients. Their deep-rooted understanding of healthcare equipment requirements has been invaluable to us for the successful delivery of our new five theatre suite which includes our hybrid angiography RAPTOR operating theatre (which stands for Resuscitation, Angiography, Percutaneous Techniques and Operative Repair), the first of its kind in Europe. They have also been critical partners in delivering the systems across the rest of the building in resus, radiology and recovery.)

Jon Nickson, Head of Capital Programmes & Programme Director – GMMTH / Oldham Phase 4A