Leeds City College Apprentice Day


by Christina Hooley

March 22, 2023


Brandon Medical meets young people interested in becoming an apprentice

Brandon Medical attended the Leeds City College Apprentice Day with a team of enthusiastic representatives committed to supporting the next generation in developing vital manufacturing and business skills. The team included Ingrid Law, the Human Resources Manager, Jirawan Sawai, the event coordinator, and Louis Audain, an apprentice.

The event was a great opportunity for Brandon Medical to showcase their dedication to training young people and developing their skills. The team spent the day engaging with students, sharing insights about the manufacturing industry and the various apprenticeships available at Brandon Medical.

Our team’s insights on Leeds City College apprentice day

Ingrid Law, the Human Resources Manager at Brandon Medical, spoke about the company’s commitment to developing young talent. “At Brandon Medical, we believe in investing in our future workforce. Apprenticeships are a great way to give young people the chance to learn new skills and develop their careers. We are committed to providing high-quality training and support to all our apprentices, helping them to become fully-qualified professionals.”

Law also highlighted Brandon Medical’s enthusiasm and calm determination in historically developing apprentices into fully achieved professionals. “We are proud of our track record in developing apprentices into successful professionals. We take the time to get to know each individual and tailor our training to their needs. We are committed to supporting them every step of the way, from their first day on the job to their final assessment.”

Louis Audainn, an apprentice at Brandon Medical, also spoke about his experience. “I am currently studying for a Level 3 NVQ in Manufacturing Operations, and I am enjoying the challenges that come with learning new skills. The support I have received from the team has been fantastic, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a respected company.”

Jirawan Sawai, Event Coordinator at Brandon Medical, shared her experience of attending the Apprentice Day, saying, “It was inspiring to see so many young people excited about the prospect of starting their careers. We were able to showcase the opportunities available in our industry and highlight the benefits of an apprenticeship, such as on-the-job training and a guaranteed wage.”

The Leeds City College Apprentice Day was a great success, with many students expressing interest in the various apprenticeships available at Brandon Medical. The team was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and talent on display and looks forward to welcoming new apprentices to the company in the near future.

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