Brandon Medical Wins at BBH Awards 2021

by Christina Hooley

November 26, 2021

Brandon Medical Wins at BBH Awards 2021

Brandon Medical is proud and excited to have been both a sponsor and a winner at Building Better Healthcare Awards 2021

Commitment to innovation

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and clinical teams’ work environments. We are excited to be able to create the space -via sponsorship- for rewarding innovation leading to delivering better healthcare.

Brandon Medical wins Best Interior Product at BBH Awards 2021

Mediclean® Ultra Clean Ventilation with CPM detects harmful particles of smoke as well as dirty air. Mediclean® reacts with a visual warning of the risk to the surgical team by increasing the airflow to clear the smoke away from the clean zone, protecting surgeons and staff from inhaling smoke. The system automatically returns to regular operation when safe operating conditions are restored.

Brandon Medical’s CPM is one of a kind system, with no alternative on the market currently.  The judges said of the innovation:”This is so highly relevant at this moment in time and is meeting a very real need in today’s health sector.

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