Fulbourn Medical Joins Brandon Medical's Group

by Christina Hooley

March 4, 2024

Uniting Strengths: Fulbourn Medical and Brandon Medical Forge Alliance as part of the Brandon Medical Group

Brandon Group Ltd has acquired Fulbourn Medical, marking a significant milestone in both companies’ histories. Fulbourn Medical now joins Brandon Medical Company Limited as a sister company, strengthening its collective services and product offerings.

The collaboration between Brandon Medical and Fulbourn Medical enhances geographical coverage, with service teams now strategically positioned nationwide. This integration ensures shorter response times and a reduced carbon footprint, underscoring the companies’ commitment to sustainability.

Adrian Hall, CEO of Brandon Group Ltd, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting its positive impact on both teams and customers. “This is an exciting time,” says Hall, “bringing positive changes to both teams and our customers in healthcare. We welcome Fulbourn Medical as part of the Brandon Medical family.”

With a shared vision for innovation and excellence, Brandon Medical Group and Fulbourn Medical are poised to deliver enhanced solutions and services, setting new standards in healthcare.

Media Contact:

Christina Hooley

Global Marketing Manager, Brandon Medical



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