Staff in First Response

by Brandon Medical

November 2, 2015

Brandon Medical is proud to announce that Service Manager, Tony Booth, has joined an increasing number of people volunteering as CFR’s (Community First Responders).

As a community based volunteer, Tony is able to reach the scene of a medical emergency before paramedics to provide support treatment during the vital early minutes. Tony has received training in basic life support skills including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation & oxygen therapy. He is able to treat patients suffering from difficulties such as a cardiac arrest, choking or collapse, potentially saving lives.

The CFR scheme is collaboratively run by Yorkshire Ambulance Service and local communities as part of a wider initiative to reduce the number of pre-hospital deaths across the county. Tony will be on call part-time, each week, covering the wider Morley area.

Tony commented: “I am proud to say that I am part of the Community First Responders scheme. Having worked in the backline of healthcare for a number of years, I have become increasingly interested in frontline support. I feel that working as a CFR enables me to express that interest in a role that will, hopefully, enable me to save people’s lives.”

As Service Manager, Tony’s role day to day role is to heading up Brandon Medical’s service department. As well as installing Brandon Medical’s award winning medical technology products; the aim of the department is to correct any equipment malfunction, from many different medical technology manufactures, in the shortest time possible. Reducing downtime is becoming increasingly important as hospitals and clinics strive to reduce waiting times for their patients and it’s his job to ensure his team continue to offer the excellent service they pride themselves on.

Further information about the CFR scheme can be found at the website:

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