Diamond ® An operating table in a class of its own

The DIAMOND® operating table sets the standard for safety, ergonomics, reliability, and functionality.

DIAMOND® Operating Table meet the demands of every surgical discipline in the operating room.

The Diamond operating table is designed to meet the needs of all surgical disciplines. Its advanced features ensure safe and precise handling, and it is equipped with the latest technology for future-proof use. The intuitive pre-release feature and flexible loading capacity enhance workflow. With an innovative design, this table offers unrestricted functionality and optimal access. Accessories are available to customize the table for your workplace.

Diamond® Operating table:Trauma and Ortho, Spinal, Imaging, Gynaecology

diamond-operating-table-uk-454kg unrestricted functionality

High Weight Capacity

The Diamond operating table from Schmitz, distributed in the UK by Brandon Medical,  has a 454 kg static working load and 360kg safe working load in both normal orientation and reverse mode with dynamic movement.

Diamond Operating Table - manufactured in Germany, distributed by Brandon Medical in the UK

Unrestricted Functionality

  • Trendelenburg and lateral tilt available in any position
  • Precise, accurate patient positioning due to adjustable soft start function
  • Programmable memory positions support complex positioning and save time

Reliability and Safety

  • Minimised downtime in operating the table due to well thought-out backup systems
  • Dual energy system: 2 independent battery blocks supply uninterrupted energy for approx. 2 weeks or average 100 cases
  • Mains operation option
  • Detachable additional emergency hand control unit
  • Manual-hydraulic emergency backup ensures 24/7 functionality of the table even without power and in case of control failures

Unrivalled Ergonomics

Pre-release button mechanism and integrated ergonomic grips make mounting and removing accessories effortless for staff

  • Extra-large casters and the optional 5th caster provide high manoeuvrability
  • Generous height adjustment range allows optimal access to the surgical field in both standing and sitting surgery

Infection Prevention

Diamond Operating table boasts an innovative approach to invention prevention

  • Unique wipe-clean gel strips to secure the mattress pads (no Velcro®)
  • Design features rounded screw heads and flush-mounted buttons to eliminate dirt or fluid accumulation
  • Optional splash guard serves as protection in fluid-intensive surgeries.
  • The cleaning shuttle accessory (unique to the DIAMOND table) allows easy access to the underside of the table for complete ‘under the caster and chassis’ decontamination

Connectivity and Future-Proof Software

  • Wireless operation via Bluetooth® eliminates signal interference
  • In-house developed electronic parts and software
  • Future proof software including updates and upgrades
  • Motion-activated handset

DIAMOND operating table sensor system

  • Collision detection helps to prevent accidental crashes
  • The self-diagnostic system allows easy diagnosis thanks to displayed error codes without the need for external equipment