Atlas Medical GAs and power Supply pendants
Atlas Medical GAs and power Supply pendants

Atlas Pendants® - Operating Theatres

Ceiling Supply Systems

Bespoke Design and Manufacture of Medical Supply Ceiling Pendants

Brandon Medical recognises that each facility is different, both in terms of clinical requirements and building design. We design every pendant to the needs of each client. Atlas Pendants® are designed for each application by Brandon Medical, a British company established in 1946. Brandon Medical has won numerous awards or design and innovation in the field of medical lighting, medical video systems and integrated operating rooms.


Flexibility, manoeuvrability and high service capacity

The modern Operating Theatre requires equipment which offers flexibility, manoeuvrability and high service capacity. This is where the Atlas Pendant® excels; at the surgical end, the Multifunction Rack can be loaded with multiple pieces of electronic equipment, whilst all cables and hoses are managed and kept away from the working space. The anaesthetic end can be provided with infusion support and patient support equipment.

Long reach and high loading capacity

The long reach and high loading capacity allows for the Pendants to be repositioned to suit the needs of each surgical procedure.

Compact Service Console

Atlas Pendants® are designed to maximise space and improve accessibility around the patient bed.

The compact, multifaceted design retains high service capacity while creating light and space in the patient area.

All services can be accommodated and the design is bespoke to each project’s individual requirements.

Atlas Pendant with gas module

High Service Capacity

The smart design of Atlas Pendant® arms offers increased internal service capacity for additional medical, gas and electrical services and greater load-bearing capacity; allowing more external equipment to be carried.

By maximising available space to safely contain all essential connections such as electrical supply, data cables and medical gas supply hoses, risks of ‘pinching’ or ‘straining’ are eliminated.

Electromagnetic Brakes ‘LightGuide’

Electromagnetic Brakes ‘LightGuide’

Atlas Pendants® include the intuitive ‘Lightguide’ pendant brake indication system. This uses illuminated LED coloured markers to give both an indication of brake release and the point of rotation.

Multifunction Rack

The Multifunction Rack provides the flexible mounting point for the customer’s choice of accessories.

Maximum Flexibility

The Atlas Pendant® system is designed to give maximum flexibility, all accessories can be added or removed quickly and easily without the need for engineering assistance.

Atlas medical supply pendants endoscopy sq


Atlas Pendants® have been combined with monitoring support and surgical illumination systems, creating a solution to provide all facilities required in the modern minimally invasive suites.

The central mounting provides an equipment pendant with electrical/medical gas/data services. This is internally wired to transmit the images from the camera head to the monitors. Monitors can then be positioned on the opposite side of the patient providing optimum viewing angle.

The system can be orientated to suit any procedure without any trailing interconnecting cables or floor mounted obstructions.

Additional monitoring support or surgical illumination can be added to the same mounting to provide a complete solution.