Symposia® Infection Control Keyboard

The Washable Keyboard IP65, water-resistant

Intelligent medical grade keyboard specifically designed and trialed to meet the strict demand of hospital wards both for patient access and clinical access requirements, including the A&E department and other healthcare environments.

The keyboard is sealed to IP65 standards allowing it to be used in wash-down areas and deep cleaning, with low profile keys, and it is quick and easy to clean. It’s fully washable and can be submerged underwater for a deeper clean.

One of the leading UK silver-ion antibacterial additives has been added to our material for the effective surface defence of harmful bacteria including E.coli and MRSA.



Wireless Docking: Easy charging, easy use

An optional wireless capability benefiting from our smart docking station (patent pending)  designed to mount the keyboard on a VESA mount, as well as for charging which the keyboard is docked. The dock communicates with its paired keyboard wirelessly using wireless USB standard and re-pairs automatically when attached to a new dock. With a minimum run time of 18 hours on a full charge, the keyboard has the power to keep going.


Hot-swappable: Using Remote docks

Not only can you remove the keyboard from the dock you can reattach it to any dock and it will automatically pair, disconnecting from its previous dock making the keyboard fuss-free when swapping out for cleaning, or for clinical staff to use their own keyboard while on a ward round.

Built-in Touch Pad: No Mouse needed, More worktop space

Embedded touchpad for easy navigation and options for adding shortcut function keys, and a built-in number pad.